Developed by yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar during his more than 75 years of teaching, Iyengar Yoga is grounded in the ancient Indian tradition and philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
The use of props such as blankets, blocks, belts and chairs helps to deepen learning and adjust postures to individual needs.


I discovered Iyengar yoga in 2002-2003, in Swaziland, a small country in Southern Africa where I was working as a language teacher at an international school. I had not had the chance to come across this style before, in spite of my long contact with yoga in Europe and the US.

By the end of my first and only year in Africa I had decided that Iyengar yoga was going to become an essential part of my life.

India, at the time, was like a very distant star. I did not realize then that I was already carrying with me a guiding light form that star: The Iyengar yoga light.

In 2003, I started to teach languages at an International school in South India !

In 2005 I moved to Pune, Maharashtra, to work at the Mahindra United world college an International school.

Pune is also the birth place of the Iyengar yoga main centre, where I attended regular classes and had the great opportunity to see some of Mr. Iyengar’s practice and follow some of his teaching.



I trained to become a teacher, in Málaga, Spain, under the guidance of José María Vigar, senior Iyengar yoga teacher. I am certified to teach this method since 2011.


Since 2010 both my husband and I are settled in Kerala, South India, where we are running our own yoga and language centre.
Upon completion of my training I started to teach in our neighbourhood. I managed to form a group of 11 ladies, complete beginners in this discipline.
Both my husband and I started combined Spoken English classes and yoga for children in our area, as well as in some of the nearby schools