In a combination of asanas and pranayama extended throughout the day, morning and afternoon, for a minimum of 5 days, practitioners will be able to further their practice or even initiate it !

Intensive courses will allow you to:

  • Explore asanas in the morning, focusing on specific aspects, namely, standing asanas and the use of props; connect specific aspects of some of the standing asanas in a sequence, etc.
  • Approach the practice of pranayama in the afternoon. Learn to become aware of your breathing, the importance of breathing inside and outside the yoga practice.
  • Practice some of the initial stages of pranayama.

Morning and afternoon sessions

  Morning: 9h to 11h Afternoon: From 16h to 18h.

 Price: Rs 5000 for the 5 days of classes. 



Participants in the 5-day intensive yoga classes are invited to join us for the following activities, which are held traditionally, after the 5-day yoga courses:

  • Tea and snacks at “Madras Café”.
  • Visit some historical sites in the area.
  • Films about the life and achievements of B.K.S Iyengar.