Good dynamics for an active foreign language class

Activities and strategies to improve foreign language teaching


The seminar is addressed to primary, middle and secondary school teachers of second and / or foreign languages of different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The main objective being to awake, improve and maintain the student’s interest in the foreign language class trough a variety of individual and group activities.

Together we will be challenging traditional methods and beliefs about how the learners learn. We will be offering highly effective, easy to implement strategies to intensify language acquisition.


  1.  The student as the center of the teaching. Learning from the learner. 
  2. The role of grammar. Grammar is not evil.
  3. Total Physical Response. Methods to achieve true communicative competence. 
  4. Know your sociometrics. Working out activities to create dynamics in a group.
  5. Sponge and transition activities. How to capture the learner’s attention.
  6. Vocabulary. It is all within the context.
  7.  Oral expression. Techniques and resources to develop oral expression.
  8. Storytelling. Learning through stories; from a sentence to a complex story.
  9. Short and long films. To watch a film with an objective.
  10. Say it with music. Music for listening, learning and dancing… 
  11. Reading with graphic support. Helping the reader’s mind to know and understand other cultures. 
  12. Computer Assisted Language Learning. I.T. era in language acquisition and development.

Thanks to Dr. K.K. Jayan, Long Learning Foundation, we organized a fruitful and successful seminar for 60 teachers from Holy Grace Academy , Mala, who came to our Institute.

Here are some of their comments:

“I am inspired. I got positive energy. I got nice values. It was a very nice experience” .Nithya Kala S. Nair

“Altogether, the journey, classes, yoga, atmosphere, hospitality… everything was fantastic. I enjoyed it a lot and learned many new things” . Smitha K.K.
“ I’m really thankful for providing us with such a wonderful learning session. The eco friendly learning is very useful and interesting . I will surely follow this natural study method in my teaching”. Samby Hensey